Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 6- 2nd Painting Day 9-14-14

Breakfast, walk, lunch, started painting at 3, didn't have turps, didn't do well, worked on a 6x6 then an 11x14 until 6:30. The latter one was done with bad light--I was blinded by the sun and eaten by Mosquitoes. Showered and went to dinner, went to bed early, took more cold pills.  My throat has been fine as long as I take losengers and cold pills.  The cold pills are probably sapping my energy and dulling my mind.
The breakfast here is like being on a ship trip, and the dinners are better than anything--I'll always remember this great food.
The third gate to Montifalco (there are four).

The park near that gate.

An olive tree in my painting.

Subject of my small painting.

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