Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunset on Bear Hill Rd 12x36"

Sunset on Bear Hill Road 12x36" Oil
I've started a series of paintings of Bear Hill Road in Merrimac MA.  This is a large horizontal painting that was completed after doing a drawing from some photos and after doing a color study approximately the same size.  I always had in mind to do a triptych of this scene as well.  The triptych is also finished as of today.  If you scroll down a couple of postings, you will see this painting before I changed the road.  Let me know what you think.

Central Street Gallery Winter Show

Central Street Gallery, Manchester by the Sea, Winter Show, through April.  Valentine Theme Reception.

Dale Greene and I attended Lynn Murray's reception last night for the opening of their Winter Show.  Lynn has recently done a series of paintings that involve water and/or dogs.  She kiddingly calls it her bow-wow series. Lynn is pictured here with her paintings.

Another artist friend, Barbara Levine, has some very nice new paintings on display as well.  Barbara is pictured on the right with Dale behind to the left.  This is a co-op gallery of 13 artists, most of whom I am acquainted with because of my association with David Curtis's Saturday plein air classes at Greenbelt's Cox Reservation.  David P. Curtis is one of Cape Ann's premier artists and a third generation artist as well.