Sunday, October 9, 2016

Upcoming Stapleton Kearns workshop, end of October

Soon I'll be off again for another workshop.  I wish I could say that I'll have a little time to do some plein air painting between now and then, but it's not going to happen.  I am saddened by the fact that I did a poor job at the previous workshop with Kim English because I haven't been doing much oil painting.  What I have been doing and will continue to do until about Christmas, is mural painting with airbrush and automotive spray guns.  I do a tiny bit of oil painting while my art student is working here on her lessons, which is good, but that studio painting might just be getting in the way of outdoor painting techniques.  I did do one plein air painting recently of sunflowers, and realized again how much difference there is in the colors and darks when you bring it indoors.
I got the supply list today for the Kearns workshop and will need to bring some 16x20"s.  Oh, and a cigar.
Probably not for me. :)
I had arranged for this workshop the minute I heard about it and also booked an Airbnb in that area.
I probably didn't think about the weather when I signed up, and since it's cold and rainy already, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

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