Sunday, January 26, 2014

Portrait Studies

Garden Fairy and Portrait Group--Jan 2014

This post is not exactly an adventure, where this is my adventure blog, but it doesn't fit nicely into the daily category either.  I've been working on little miss Garden Fairy for a couple of weeks now, and it started out as a quick sketch for fun and I just kept going with it.  I'm still working on it, trying to resolve the background first before I complete her wings, etc.  My difficulties stem from creating this background out of my head rather than have something concrete to go on. 
The portrait group meets twice a month, and I'm beginning to wish I could work from the model more often than that.  It's a 3-hour sitting with breaks and every time is different in many ways.  I start differently for no conscious reason and have been working at getting the color results in the darks and lights of the skin that I want, and that is rich tones with harmony and correct value. Since I consider the work I do in portrait group "studies", I don't usually post them.