Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Portrait Project update - 33 days to go.

I'm working on all the portraits, and maybe even have a couple more new ones to do.  I do want to get to my goal of 30 paintings, but I'm short on both people and time.  I'm also waiting to hear from the director of art at the library about hanging requirements.  I have decided on how I want to present them, and if the library won't agree, I'll have to put this project up somewhere else.  I hope not.
Each time I pick up a portrait that was painted during the 3-hour sitting, I end up entirely repainting it--Sometimes for days.  It will be embarrassing to have to put one up in the show that I'm not pleased with, but I guess it is going to happen.  I also have a lot of other things, like flyers, etc. that have to be printed.
I can't even imagine now how good this has been for me, to try many ways of mixing paint combinations, and experiment with various methods and styles--I have made very close friends (these portrait people's faces) and they are all lined up in my studio waiting for me to arrive every day.
Here is today's' setup, ready to go.  Joel Babb would approve somewhat as he taught me to always mix tints before starting out.
Here is the previous
one over a couple of days--still needs work. At the last minute, I redrew and repainted the bottom half because the neck was and maybe still is too long.