Monday, November 4, 2013

Annual David Curtis Party

Another wildly successful party by Joan Lockhart!  Joan's new digs in Gloucester was the scene of the party as 40-50 of his disciples gathered to pay homage again and eat, drink and be merry last Saturday night.  Joan is a master (or mistress?) of home renovation and decoration and has done it again this time in her new condo in a re-purposed school building.  Beautiful high ceilings provide for what should be called the Lockhart Museum because she collects Cape Ann masters as well as other works she enjoys.  David's wife, Judy, was visiting her family in England, so we missed her this year.  David, however, did regale everyone with stories after dinner.  Joan's staple mac and cheese was extraordinary as usual, everyone wants her recipe.  Other pot luck dishes were brought and desserts and beverages of course.  It was a wonderful evening seeing everyone I haven't seen for a while as I don't travel to Gloucester as much as I used to. 
I took photos with my phone and will post them here when I can.