Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the framing stage

The first few 

A woman's work is never done.
I still have one painting to complete for this Arlington show at Cutter House and have been involved with framing for the past couple of days.  My new design for the floating frames is a success.  They are lighter in weight and made of beautiful maple, double coated with varnish.  My son, Marc, helped me Monday pick up the framing stock from my mill in New Hampshire and I've been busy ever since.  I should be finished today with making the frames and framing the art work.  The process is exacting and now I have another power tool under my belt (not a tool belt).  I talked with a few painting friends about pricing so I'll be able to finish my inventory, show list and labels for the work by tomorrow.  I thought rocks were hard, but figuring out prices is just as hard.  Custom made maple floater frames, for instance, are very expensive.  I'll have 11 or 12 paintings in this show that are large.  12x12" is the smallest of the large works, and 30x40" is the largest.  I have 11 small works to accompany these larger paintings.  I prefer the look of these neat and modern style wood frames and have made smaller "strip" frames for some of these paintings.

David Curtis does Hibbard walk

David Curtis, second generation renowned plein air artist from Rockport, gave an exciting and very informative walk Sunday at Rockport Art Association, mostly his students were in attendance as it wasn't a planned activity for the public.  David's father, Roger Curtis, was a friend and dealer for A.T.Hibbard's work for a while, and David tagged along with his father and asked Aldro questions for which he received answers  that were short.  Having read two books on Hibbard this month, it seems that the artist didn't talk much about art considering it a private occupation but was more than happy to talk baseball.  David's wife, Judith Curtis, an author of several books on art, has written a book to accompany this show.  Most of the 119 paintings present at this amazing show are shown in this book.  David was on the organizing committee of this show and has done a wonderful job of lining up talent to do walks and talks.  Be sure to see this show up until November 11th.