Saturday, August 9, 2014

4th Model for Portrait project

Today the model for the People Painting People project, Angela Davis, was painted at the First Church of Christ activity hall in Bradford, MA by probably 15 painters.  A couple more artists signed up to paint more of our portraits.
Angela Davis, Model
I'll be receiving more photos from other people who took photos, but for now here are a couple:

Friday, August 8, 2014

3rd Model for People Painting People Project

We had a great session today with Laura Dillingham Mailman as the model.  We have been very fortunate in that all our models so far have been excellent in every way.  Laura has beautiful fair skin tones and blond hair.  We had three artists painting besides myself:  Cindy, Fran Butsavich , and Liz Peck.
Laura Dillingham Mailman, Model
Model Laura, Liz, Me, Cindy, Fran

Tomorrow (already) is the next model and it's at the Church in Bradford.  Wait until you see those pictures!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2nd model for People Painting People project

We had another wonderful model last night and 6 artists painted!  I'm so glad I did this as I am learning something every time.
Simone Cartier, the model

We started at 6 and finished at 9.
L-R=Elaine, Lix, Andrea, Anne, I'm taking the picture.

Here are a few shots during the breaks and some shots of the work.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Day -PPP (People Painting People)

Great time, the model was great and two people showed up to paint.  The Merrimac Senior Center location worked out perfectly.  Next model is Monday night.
Anne, one of the artists who painted

The location with the model and Liz and Me

The location with the model, Ray, and Liz and Anne

Liz, one of the artists who painted the model

Ray, the model (shade version)
Ray, the model (light version)
 I'll try to get photos of the artists work to post here as well.