Monday, December 16, 2013

Boston Gallery Field Trip - Newbury Street

I wanted to see the show at Haley & Steele and invited my art student to come along.  We made a day of it and it was a totally perfect day for both of us.  First, she has a handicapped parking pass because she recently had a hip replacement--this allowed for us to park near the galleries.  We saw many great paintings at a few of the best gallery stops in Boston, and then we had a wonderful lunch at the Met.
At Haley & Steele, we saw Daniel Keyes latest work along with works of Schmid, Guzik, Anderson, Aspervig and others; artists of the West Wind Fine Art represented by Kristen Theis (link above).  BTW, I'm supposed to be receiving a DVD of Daniel Keyes, and it hasn't arrived yet.
Next we were headed to the Guild to see their holiday show and was detoured by beautiful art hanging in the hallway leading upstairs to the gallery of Oana Lauric.  She paints with acrylic, does large dynamic paintings with somewhat abstract and flat shapes, lots of exciting color, and I would say, a younger, more dynamic style reminiscent of Charlie Movalli.  See her work here:  Oana's Web Site. Oana's Facebook Page.
We then proceeded to the Guild and saw recent work of some of the Boston areas finest painters.
We then proceeded to the Copley CoSo which is just next door and saw two holidays shows, downstairs for aspiring members, and upstairs for award winners--lots of nice small paintings.
After an exhausting day of viewing great art, we headed across the street to the Met for lunch.