Friday, April 1, 2011

Help Japan

New England Marsh Impression
Daily Paintworks Challenge-Help Japan
This is my entry into the Help Japan Auction on Daily Paintworks.  There are hundreds of artworks available,  and it's a wonderful opportunity to help Japan and get an original fine art painting in the process.  All proceeds will be donated by the artists whose work you can see on this web site.  It is an auction but the rules are very fair so people can't outbid you at the last minute.

Visit the Whistler House Museum of Art

Yesterday, Lynn Murray and I visited the Whistler in Lowell.  We were both surprised at how much better it was than we imagined.  We were fortunate to have Michael Lally, the executive director, act as our docent--it made our visit 10 times better. This happened because it was transition day, the previous docent was leaving and a new one was starting.  The house itself is a very important historic property, with a newly installed garden and park thanks to the Demoulas family, and Whistler's father was a truly amazing man, worthy of a book of his own.
We went to the Worthen Tavern afterwards, open since the 1800s, and had an excellent hamburger with a visit from the cook.
Lynn and I planned a list of museums to visit over the upcoming months.  I had been thinking about attending the Rockport Art Association's reception tonight, and Lynn sealed the deal when she said that David Curtis would be doing a demo relative to his upcoming workshop at Rockport where the old fashioned method of copying masters' work at a museum will be the theme and he will do a demo.  At this time of year Rockport brings out it's masterpieces so the class will be able to copy works hanging in the gallery.  What a great opportunity, I'm sorry I can't make it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Entry for the one stroke challenge

3 Bowls Full
5.5"x4.5" original oil on masonite $50
I painted and entered a painting today for the Daily Paintworks Challenge, this time for the One Stroke Challenge.  I set up three colorful bowls, orange, lime green and purple on lime green fabric.  I kept the brush strokes to a minimum and was happy with the result.  I used a polka dot fabric but left the white dots out.  It would have been too busy.  I'm going to try to use more and thicker paint and have visible brush strokes like Carol's  Carol Marine

You can see this challenge here:  One Color Per Stroke Challenge along with a sample of Carol's technique.
I also signed up for PayPal so you can email me for purchasing information.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Color of White, Paintworks Challenge

6"x8" original oil on canvas 
White cup on floral gackground
6"x6" original oil on canvas
White cup on floral background
This challenge to paint something white on a colored background using only primary and secondary colors was lots of fun to paint.  First I did the larger one making the bright colors of the background the primary idea, then I wanted to make the cup the primary target and also paint a smaller painting.  Which one do you like?