Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 2 - Monhegan Island

Last day of the painting weekend. Up early, breakfast, and off to paint for the day until boat leaves at 4:30. Betsy had a house in mind to paint and I headed to Fish Beach. Betsy's came out really nice. I did two quick ones before lunch, then took the afternoon off to explore and visit the shops. We had unbelieveably good weather including a beautiful sunset. We were both exhausted and got back home around 10:30 p.m.

Day 1 - Monhegan Island Maine

What a day! Rose about 6, breakfast at 7:30, hiked to lighthouse and saw exhibits of maine painters and history of the island, painted up there until noon. Then I went out to the "wreck" and painted until supper time. Betsy finished a nice painting up at the lighthouse. Wreck painting was fun to do and I have more to do on it. No phone service for days now. Camera is dead too, left charger in car. Went for walk after eating a crab burger at Fish House, then early to bed at 8.

Day 2 - Port Clyde

We'll meet at Betsy's house for the deadly sins dinner and bring our "sin" paintings on Oct. 18. We got up early, skies were clearing, ate a chef prepared breakfast, painted until early afternoon. Betsy and I were taking the boat to Mongehan Island at 3 and everyone else headed for home. At Monhegan we watched big waves crash on the rocks until dinner at Monhegan House. Great accommodations, dinner good BYOB, beds good.

Port Clyde, Band of Brushes Group

I'm writing this the day after the 5-day atelier with David Curtis. I'm going for painting 9 days in a row. It's a cool, windy, very rainy day and I'm here with 6 friends. We went to Rockland to the Farnsworth and saw the "7 Deadly Sins" by Wyeth and the fabulous Dowling Walsh Gallery and saw "A Decade of Views" by Connie Hayes. We had a great meal at the Dip Net. We've decided to portray our versions of the 7 deadly sins and drew out of a hat, each of us receiving our "sin" to portray.

Day 5 - Curtis Atelier - The Finale

We headed back to the Quarry to complete our large 3-day painting. It was a nice sunny day until the clouds moved in in late afternoon. The weather for this week was very nice and we were very lucky, we even thought that David could control the weather. He was very busy with everyone giving our efforts a final big push. It was truly amazing how well everyone did–he was even excited for us. (Should I mention that after Tuesday, we was worried.) He kept cracking the whip. The energy and enthusiasm of the group never let up and I for one wished there was going to be more (time). I thought 3 days on a painting would last forever but, guess what, I didn’t even finish! We presented David with a card and everyone wrote a little something.
Now for those jokes: What do you get when a piano falls on a coal miner? A flat minor. What happened when a helicopter pilot landed on an army major. A flat major. A man looses a loved one, he was all alone, the thought he might get a pet, he never had a pet, and met the owner of a pet shop who showed him several dogs and cats. The man wasn’t sure which to get. The owner says, I have a very unusual dog, but I warn you, he isn’t for everyone. He introduced the man to the dog who says hello. The man was amazed, did he talk? Yes, said the man, and they talked with the dog for some time and hears some outrageous stories. The man says, I have to have that dog. I’ll pay you $1000. No, says the man, I couldn’t. He says $2000. Oh, no, says the man, only $50. The man pays for the dog and on the way out he says, I don’t understand, why would you sell him for so little? Everything the dog says is a lie. (David, I’m sorry that I’m so bad at telling jokes.)