Monday, October 29, 2012

Hmmm, art happens.

I've been preparing for my two upcoming shows, and I ordered pencils to give out, and in that process I went online to find sayings/quotes to put on the pencils.  After spending an hour or so lost in reading all kinds of sayings covering centuries of art philosophy, I decided on what coincidentally happened to be in the header of this blog, "Art happens". 

Today here in Massachusetts we are having Hurricane Sandy, and luckily my power is still on.  I've been happily creating paperwork for my shows all day.  I'm having a raffle from "Vote for your Favorite" slips to give away a small painting.  Lots of other details were taken care of, look at the daily blog for more info.

This Thursday I hang my Arlington (Cutter House) show and Saturday I hang the West Newbury Library show, and Sunday I have the opening reception in Arlington.