Monday, October 3, 2016

Kim English Workshop - Day 5

Friday.  We started early, Kim was going to do a demo about painting from a photo, but he did that at 2 p.m. instead.  The lesson learned was that there really is a very big difference in the proportions when working from a photo, the camera makes adjustments that are apparent to the eye when comparing the photo to the actual (in this case) model.  I was aware of the color variations, but not so much the proportions.  Of course, we all know it distorts the view, but also the perspective and proportions.
The model today was a female who was very good and posed in pants with red sneakers and barefoot in a black dress and cream colored sweater.  The idea was to paint the model in a scene in 10 to 20 minutes. For me it's hard to work on a figure when it is small, all through this workshop I had trouble with laying paint on and I don't usually have that problem, thank goodness, and suspect that maybe usually I put a stroke down and leave it alone and here I was working more or less in layers and on a wiped off surface, still damp.  Maybe I needed medium.  I don't think it was the boards,
We painted 7 (so the total for the week is about 67) paintings and Kim took ample time doing the critiques at the end.
What he suggested to me was to hire a model and do these quick poses.  Maybe I'll check out my neighboring NAA (Figure Drawing. Wednesday night figure drawing is a twenty-plus year tradition at the NAA - meets weekly - Wednesday Nights 7:00 pm. Live model.) as they have a drawing group, I used to go there, and I can paint there as far as I know.
I bought Kim's demo painting from the day in Manchester.  It's of two houses in the downtown area.  I like it because it will remind me that a good artist can make anything look good no matter what the weather.
There is so much to process after a workshop like this--I'll have to make a list.  I do like working with 2 new colors, permanent rose (he likens to Rose Madder) and cadmium green pale.
My friend, Karen, who has nice paintings of Kims and who took him workshop in Colorado, wanted to come by and say hello to Kim, but Kim left early so Karen and I went to see the show at NSAA and had a snack and drinks--Which I sorely needed!!
Now I'll download my pictures and add some to this blog.  Here is the group photo that Kat sent out today.
I'm in the back row with 1/2 a face.
September 2016, Kim England Workshop
Kim English talking about camera distortion
Third model, painting in a scene.

Last piece of good advice.

Josephine's work, she did a lot.

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