Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Painter's Day Off

Another visit to the Hibbard show in Rockport to hear Judy Curtis talk about his early years, and she gave a video presentation with comments on paintings both in the show and some others.  When I entered the gallery I was overcome again but these beautiful paintings, it's as if I hadn't seen them before.  The colors are so gorgeous and cannot be appreciated in any photo reproduction.  Then in the front room of the RAA, the Charles Movalli exhibition was on display--he's one of my top favorites!  My friend, Lynn Murray, and I had lunch across the street, and then I was off to shop.  I usually hate shopping.  But I had a coupon for Michael's and I bought a tube of paint of Cobalt Violet, a color I have not used before and was on Hibbard's palette, so I want to give it a try when I paint "snow" pictures this winter.  Then I was off to Sear's because they had a huge tool storage unit on sale, you know, those tall ones with lots of drawers, some horizontal thin draws on top and bigger ones below, looks a little like a bureau.  Now that will spark a cleaning surge to organize my stuff.  I've kind of taken this week off because I was so over-busy the previous couple of weeks. I'm itching to paint, so maybe I'll paint on Sunday while I'm sitting at my show in Arlington.