Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pigment of the Imagination--show at NAA

I have entered my "Carnival" a colorful abstract painting in the Newburyport Art Association's show that runs from October 19th to November 11th. It's a large format painting which you can view under the "abstracts" section of my web page. A young daugher of a friend of mine made up a whole story from looking at this painting about a clowd at a carnival. Happy Halloween.

Taos pictures

It seems my memory card is corrupted, but I took it to the camera store and they put them onto a disk, and I was also able to download them via my printer port.

Report on current work: I've sorted all my unfinished work from workshops over the past year and have begun to work on them. I want to clean up all these unfinished paintings (like spring cleaning) and then I can move on. I completed 5 so far this week. From this process I've learned that it's important to finish them while they are fresh in your mind.