Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Up to mischief again - self portrait

Quick portrait sketch on cardboard
After a few failed attempts to do a portrait of George, and still having some paint on my palette, I quickly grabbed a piece of cardboard and did this quick sketch of myself looking into the mirror without any thought to position or design and ended up painting the painting as well.  When I started with a small desk light on the desk giving the light (visible in the lower right hand corner) my face was more of a mudhead thing and the studio light on my studio easel was light.  As time went by and the light coming into the window changed, characteristics of my face became apparent.  In order to work on this again, it has to be as day passes into dusk to have the right light.  It was about 50 degrees accounting for the sweaters, lab coat and scarf.  I guess I'd better get back to it before spring arrives.

Zorn at the Gardner today

I'm not going to the opening tonight at the Gardner Museum to see the Zorn Exhibition.  It's members only, and my friend who is a member couldn't make it.  I will make it in to see this exhibit however, as he is one of my favorite painters from that era.  He has big broad brushstrokes and this exhibit has many portraits.
Zorn at Gardner