Saturday, August 30, 2014

#13 Chis Denault

Chris Denault, model
Yesterday three of us painted Chris.  Anne, Stephanie and me.  I started painting the first pose and segwayed somehow to the second pose or maybe a combination of the two.  Even though we had the blinds drawn the sun had some effect on the lighting as the time passed.  I'm glad I have these photos because I had some troubles with applying the paint and couldn't get to a finished stage.  I realized in the middle of the night that it was probably because I didn't prime or apply a ground to my Gessobord.

Kay Hogan came in to visit with her granddaughter who will be todays model.  Kay is an artist and will paint with us today.

Anne, who is a steady participant in the project, and I were discussing how interesting all these models are as we get to know them a little bit and hear their stories.

Monday, August 25, 2014

#12 Sarah Gaudet

Sarah Gaudet, Model

Sarah and Jim's painting in progress

Jim, Elaine and the model, Sarah, taking a break.

Sarah and her mom, Jackie.

Sunday morning Jim Tinguely, Elaine, Cindy and I painted Sarah Gaudet.  She was another excellent model and we enjoyed painting her.  I'm feeling a tiny bit better about using my colors.  In November and December I'll be going over most of these portraits and adding finishing touches.  The show at the Merrimac Library starts the end of January.