Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Portrait Project update - 33 days to go.

I'm working on all the portraits, and maybe even have a couple more new ones to do.  I do want to get to my goal of 30 paintings, but I'm short on both people and time.  I'm also waiting to hear from the director of art at the library about hanging requirements.  I have decided on how I want to present them, and if the library won't agree, I'll have to put this project up somewhere else.  I hope not.
Each time I pick up a portrait that was painted during the 3-hour sitting, I end up entirely repainting it--Sometimes for days.  It will be embarrassing to have to put one up in the show that I'm not pleased with, but I guess it is going to happen.  I also have a lot of other things, like flyers, etc. that have to be printed.
I can't even imagine now how good this has been for me, to try many ways of mixing paint combinations, and experiment with various methods and styles--I have made very close friends (these portrait people's faces) and they are all lined up in my studio waiting for me to arrive every day.
Here is today's' setup, ready to go.  Joel Babb would approve somewhat as he taught me to always mix tints before starting out.
Here is the previous
one over a couple of days--still needs work. At the last minute, I redrew and repainted the bottom half because the neck was and maybe still is too long.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Charles Piecewic, Model #23

Charles was an excellent model.  We had our doubts that he would last, BUT HE DID!
Charles Piecewicz, Model #23

Aiden Tierney, Model #24

Another People Painting People person:  Aiden Tierney.  Four of us painted him.
Aiden Tierney, Model

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cameron Piecewicz, Model, #21

Cameron did a super job of modeling.  She is 13 and listened to her 'tunes'.  We may have the pleasure of painting her brother soon.  Her mother, Becky, has brought us two more models!

Cameron Piecewicz, Model

Deanna Baumert, Model, #20

On Saturday, October 26th, at the church in Bradford MA the group painted Deanna.  She enjoyed visiting with those artists who were painting and seeing all the versions of herself.  I particularly enjoyed the day as I haven't seen her for years and she is a very special friend.
Deanna Beamert,Model

Father George, Model, #19

Friday, October 24th--It was a fun day indeed working with Father George.  We had lots of jokes and I learned so much more about my new iPhone as he got the same model and was very proficient in its operation, everyone learned more about taking photos with his phone.  He was interested in the process of painting as he has an interest in art, and it seems like he studied up before he arrived.

Fr. George, Model

Ann Murphy, Model, #18

On Friday, October 17th, our model was Ann Murphy.  It is so much fun to work with our models and talk with them while painting and taking our breaks.  The models always enjoy the process and visiting with the artists while the work is in progress.
Ann Murphy, Model

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 25, Cyclorama, Art and Antiques

Roof of Cyclorama



Me at the Vose booth

My friend, Ed LeMay, and I almost always go to the Cyclorama for two shows a year, this one is the art and antiques show.  It was a warm day in Boston, unusual for this time of year, and I saw some of the renovations he has made to his urban inn, a marvelous job, great roof deck with view of Boston.  I was happy to be able to get out as my husband needs constant supervision.  Thank you Ed for a great day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Paul Strisik Show at Rockport Art Association, October 2014

A favorite artist's works are on display now until November 16th at the Rockport Art Association. There are 120 paintings on display of his and 104 paintings he and Nancy collected from other artists.  Today, Ron Straka did a gallery walk highlighting many works of Strisik's and discussing some technical points as well as giving many personal anecdotes from having been a friend as well as a painting mate of Paul's.
It was a warm autumn day and the 50-mile drive to the quaint village of Rockport was gorgeous here in New England with the leaves about 1/2 way towards their peak.  I was glad that another painting buddy, Ann Shadrake, could come along to enjoy the show.  I saw a few people there I hadn't seen in a while, and in the 2 1/2 hours I was there, I didn't get to see everything well enough so I'll have to go again before it closes.  Next week on the 22nd there is another gallery walk with David P. Curtis, so that will be a good time to see it again.  You can see many of the works by clicking here.
Ron Straka speaking at Paul Strisik show in Rockport MA
There is a very nice soft cover book that accompanies the show for only $19.95.

Monday, October 13, 2014

#17 Mary Ann Mikson, model

On Friday, Oct. 10th, we had the pleasure and confusion of painting Mary Ann.  She had business to conduct while modeling so it was a little unusual.  I will have to do quite a lot more on my painting.  Four of us painted her.

This is the only part of my painting that I liked.

#16 Judy Kimber

On October 5th Judy Kimber was our model for the People Painting People portrait project.
Judy Kimber, model

Friends from the Egli Thomson Umbria trip.

Me with Carol (hello people, if you have pictures of me, please send)
It has been two weeks since returning from Italy and I'm finally settling into my everyday routines.  I enjoyed going through all the photos and remembering all the good times, good friends and good food so here are some snaps:

Bernie and Joan



Buzzy and Carol

Carol Pike Webb

Karen and Charles

Dave and Gail


Host Family at Agriturismo Camiano Piccolo, Montefalco, Italy www.camianopiccolo.com

Pat and Jim

Marge and Sandi

Maury and Nancy

Fran and Mickie


Peg and Pat



Margaret and Arwed, Trip Hosts








Dave and Vickie

Dave and Vickie
29 Names, please let me know if I need corrections.
Arwed and Margaret
Mickie and Fran
Gail and Dave
Bernie and Joan
Me and Carol
Peg and Pat
Jim and Pat
Buzzy and Carol
Vickie and Dave
Marge and Andrea
Charles and Karen
2 sisters, Edith and ?
Maury and Nancy