Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost Homeward Bound

Sadly, after almost 26 very happy days in Florida, I'm preparing to head back up north.  I've painted a little, most of the plein air events were too windy or cold, so I worked indoors.  I love this area (southwest Florida) for all the art events, festivals, demonstrations, art centers, galleries, etc. that are happening every day.  The art centers have libraries chock-full of books, videos, etc.  I read a lot and probably averaged a book a day.  I was lucky to see the Bonita Bay Promenade Art Festival, two great demos, and a few art walks while I was here.  I took two computer courses and have learned the web software, Web Plus, and can now convert or redo my web sites and the others I created using HTML. 

I haven't been in touch with skating and painting friends as much as usual because my home computer has all my addresses, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and receiving the Paintings of the Month club paintings and posting them to that blog:  http://www.apaintingamonthclub.blogspot.com/