Thursday, July 17, 2014

People Painting People - The Merrimacians

I'll be painting portraits of fellow Merrimac MA residents during the months of August and October 2014.  I hope to reach a total of 30 sitters and have other artists join in and then we can exhibit these portraits later in the year at our library.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lori Putnum workshop

I'm with Lori Putnum on the porch where she created her video demo.
This was on the last day of the Canandaigua NY workshop in June 2014.  Sandy and I attended.  Sandy is a painting friend I met on our European painting trips through Margaret Egli Thomson.
You can see lots of artists videos on this site: Where in the World is..., promoted by Plein Air Magazine.  You can see Lori's there and see me sitting on the porch with the rest of the workshop-mates.

Charlie Movali at Northshore Art Association giving a lecture
In June I also attended what I think is Charlie's best lecture so far.  He is a genius.  I have learned so much from this man on design, color, elimination, suggestion.  Then at a plein air painting out at NSAA I actually had a one-on-one with him for a few minutes!

Portrait sketch of my husband by Mark Hayden
Mark Hayden painted this portrait sketch commission of George during two quick visits to his studio in Bradford MA.  I love it.  I study with Mark on Thursday mornings and I'm currently working on my submission for the portraits of Newburyport show in September of Fran Dalton.

My "People Painting People Project" isn't moving ahead very well.  I may have 12 people now and I need 31.  My visit to the Newburyport Newspaper hasn't proved very successful either.  In this case, no news isn't good news.

Friday, May 30, 2014

End of an adventure

Robert Genn (May 15, 1936 - May 27, 2014)

A very sad day.  

This man was amazing.  

I hope you had the pleasure of reading his twice a week letters.

Self-Portrait with Emily Carr

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sold another one at Rhythm

My Rhythm Cafe show for this year 2014 came down today and I discovered that I had sold another painting, pretty sure the total is 8.  It is more fun when people like your work enough to buy it.  I have been invited to show there again next year which makes me very happy because it is a great local cafe, excellent food, nice people, and my paintings look nice in that dining room, and it is good for community recognition.

One of the owners agreed to sit for a portrait for my People Painting People project in August, so that makes 9 people sitting so far!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reception at Essex Art Center Show- Hayden and Weaver

Essex Art Center Show - Hayden - Weaver - May 2014
Last night I attended the show at Essex Art Center in Lawrence of the works of Mark Hayden, Jeff Weaver and a friend of Mark's who recently passed away.  All the work was wonderful and was presented well and looked very nice together.  It was well attended, I met lots of friends there and had a good time.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Annual Rockport Art Association Auction 2014

I love to attend these auctions and this one was no exception.  194 works of art were on the block.  Some incredible buys were had.  I didn't get there the day before or earlier in the day Saturday so I didn't get to preview these artworks. I don't have any room left in my house to put up paintings or I would probably have bid on a couple.  I didn't feel badly about not bidding though.  Sometimes when you leave and didn't bid you feel a sense of loss.  It is surprising that we ask, or buy paintings of current artists' work, for prices in the $500 range, yet we can purchase artworks of proven and time-honored master artists' work for that amount or less at these auctions.  Gloucester (NSAA) Auction coming up soon.  Northshore now has airconditioning! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

North Shore Art Assoc. Wine and Chocolate

This past Thursday night I attended the North Shore Art Association's opening gala with my sister, Pat, who was up from Florida to visit her sons.  It was a well-attended event with an overwhelming odor of chocolate, nice.  The show was very well hung, I don't know how they could squeeze in even one more painting--but it didn't look too crowded.  Here is a shot including my painting, 'View for Two', showcasing Forsythia, a wonderful springtime bush here in New England.
View for Two, a scene overlooking fields in the first blush of spring (two cardinals are also in it and the Forsythia bushes, yellow flowers on the right, are bright and cheery).

Here is a painting of one of my favorite artists, David Curtis, and this is not his usual plein air take on things, he usually does a broader landscape design, but I like this one and the colors are great.
David Curtis

In addition to the opening show, there was a wonderful solo show in another section of the NSAA galleries by
Paul Ciaramitaro Solo Show
"Wooden Boats and Iron Men"
April 24 - May 11
Gordon Grant Room

Reception Sunday, April 27 (2-5pm)
Open Free To The Public

Here are a few photos I took of his work.  There were a large number of paintings and drawings in every medium and every size and, gosh I would say maybe half or almost half were SOLD!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Demo at Buttonwoods, Haverhill MA

Susan Spellman, a children's book illustrator, spoke Sunday on the process of creating art for and publishing children's books.  The hour and a half demo and talk was very interesting and informative.  She has been working at this for many years and has more recently concentrated on fine art.

Friday, April 18, 2014

David's Amazing Plein Air Demo

David Curtis' amazing demo 4-17-14 at Lynnfield MA
This demo was a totally amazing event.  For the price of admission ($3) David was able to squeeze a lifetime of painting information into a lecture of about one hour and made it concise and interesting and understandable PLUS paint a demo (above) in less than another hour!  If this was a DVD it would be equivalent to at least a year of art college study and cost $200.  I believe it was a Guinness World Record event.

I wish I had recorded it.  Who knew?  I actually forgot my camera so I used my phone for this pic.

In under 2 hours which included a break with coffee and goodies, he covered everything.  I can't believe it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Art and Design Cyclorama

I visited Cyclorama in Boston Sunday for an annual pilgrimage to see the Art and Design Show.  I attend two art functions each year at this venue.   Besides heart-pumping excitement I receive a large number of art and design magazines for which I always bring a book bag so I can carry them home.  I'm planning to attend a workshop in the finger lakes section of NY in June with Lori Putnum as instructor and with Sandi Beitsinger as my workshop-mate.  In the current issue of Lori is featured in an article Artists Making Their Mark.
I'm sharing a discovery with you today--lots of nice videos to watch: