Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Daniel Keys DVD Release Party

I had great pleasure to be present at Daniels celebration of releasing his new DVD at Regis College on Sunday.  I arrived late because of stormy weather and a misdirection from Miss Garmen but fortunately got there in time to see most of his presentation.  It was a very nice group in the audience and interesting comments and questions were discussed along with a slide show of Daniel's paintings with many progressions (pictures showing the progress of the work on the painting).  Our DVDs will be shipped out this week!  Daniel spoke of his methods and showed and talked about the progressions on some of his paintings.  He is a master of technique and color and setting up his still lifes and uses various ways of starting his paintings depending on his plan for the design and outcome. 
progression shot for one of his paintings
Daniel Keys, Speaker and Artist
Photo of one of Daniel's paintings

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