Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nice weather for plein aire.

Finally spring has hit here in New England and I've been out twice a week with two different groups painting on location. It's been great. I'm trying out different easels and boxes, ways of carrying my gear, etc. This is going to be a great summer for me for working outdoors.

I am not able to complete the painting in the approximately 2 hours that I work on a painting outdoors, so more work is needed before I can put them up on my site or here on the blog.

I'm also experimenting with working off my new laptop screen to finish these paintings.

I entered my first show by way of a CD submission this week, and now I see that I need to improve my photography and well as learn more about the Photoshop Elements software needed to make these CDs.

Carol Marine is my new favorite artist, check her out