Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Popularity results on Bear Hill Road in Arlington

You can view the pictures of all the paintings on my website:  www.MaryPycheFineArt.com. 

If you voted, you may be wondering if your favorite won.  Here are the results. 

First place was the Bear Hill Road triptych #18.
Voters were 
Roberta Breen
Betsey Christiansen
Don Denning
Mike Farrington
Nancy Lea Flynn
Marceu Kraus
Grace O'Neil

Second place was View for Two #12
Ed Cooper
Cynthia Kallberg
Mary Lock
Kate Mason
Jim Mazzola
Gamfe Saunders

Tie for third between Bear Hill Road Sunset and Snow in October.

Thank you to everyone who came to see my show and for voting.  This process is informative to me and I appreciate your input.

Cutter Gallery - and the winner is?

Sunday was the last day at the Jefferson Cutter House Gallery in Arlington MA.  There was a closing reception and we all had a very nice time.  The gallery coordinator, Nancy Lea Flynn, and a couple of her students came by and I very much enjoyed meeting and talking with her and her students.  My cousins surprised me by showing up.  One of my cousins happened to go to a meeting at this location and found my paintings there, not knowing beforehand that they would be there.  This gallery is used by the Town of Arlington for meeting space.  Several other people wandered in as a result of the signs out front.

At Nancy's suggestion, cousin Joe drew from the "favorites" slips for the winner of the painting, "Love You Rose".  Karen (one of my cousins), was the winner!  You can see the pictures below of some attendees as well as the drawing photos.
Joe, Nancy's student and his family

Karen won the drawing

Nancy Lea Flynn, Cutter Gallery coordinator

The Mason cousins

Dennis, gallery manager

Cousin Joe drawing the winner

Joe Mason and  me

Karen and Catherine

Catherine and me

Sidewalk Sign
More photos might be added after I receive pictures from friends and family.