Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hibbard, Hibbard, HIBBARD!

OMG...WOW...I know--you think I exaggerate.  Nope.  I totally can't believe that this extra-ordinary show can be here in our little Rockport Massachusetts.  You would expect to see something like this at the MET.  YOU HAVE TO GO.  Detailed information here.  There are many wonderful events built around this show, mostly on Tuesdays mid-day and Thursday evenings.  The paintings are so exciting that I was actually overcome with joy.  There is also a wonderful book accompanying thisshow written by Judith Curtis. 

A.T. Hibbard, N.A. ~ American Master
by Judith Curtis
This beautiful 104 page hardcover edition, features 114 images of Hibbard's works.
This is our newest publication to be released in conjunction with the RAA Hibbard Retrospective, opening October 6th 2012, and is being sold exclusively through the RAA.