Sunday, October 2, 2016

Heading out to Gloucester

A few of us have been collaborating regarding paint colors.  He uses a couple of colors that aren't generally on the majority of artist's palettes.  One in particular, Cadmium Green Pale, was hard to find and since I didn't pay attention to the workshop list a week ago when I was ordering boards, I had to find a local supplier.  Also, white!  There are a few whites, zinc and titanium and a mixture of both.  The mixture version is what he requests, and I have only a little left in my big tube and, of course, didn't find that one either at most of the local stores.

So I'm packed with clothes and art supplies, and all I need now is a ton of energy.  All this week I've been sidelined with an infection that sapped my strength and I even got a very sore back, I thought perhaps from sleeping so much, but it got so bad I couldn't sit or bend over.  I went to the doctor to be sure it wasn't my kidney and for some possible relief since I'm leaving tomorrow for the workshop, and at this point I probably couldn't go.

I got super strength ibuprofen for inflamation, super strength Tylenol for the pain and a muscle relaxer because it feels like muscle spasms. After 24 hrs I can't believe how good I feel.
On my way to the Kim English Workshop.

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