Monday, October 3, 2016

Kim workshop, Day 2

We started out with 2 minute paintings, trying to pay attention to the warm side and the cool sides.  Today's model is a guy in a long maroon shirt and a red sleeveless shirt and red toe socks. In the afternoon he added a dark jacket. Some of the poses were with a pole for added jesture. We started the day with a nice talk about mixing colors and a neat way to get great colored grays.  Kim did a wonderful demonstration about how various lighting effects affect the model and the subsequent painting.  It makes me want to paint casts and work on the planes of the face again using various lighting conditions. Our 1/2 hour lunches last an hour.  Not good.
I've misplaced my blog notes on this afternoon, but as I recall we did some longer poses, experimenting on lighting angles and trying for a scene rather than just the figure.  We did about 25 paintings.  So between Monday and Tuesday we did about 54 paintings.
Kim painting today's model.
Discussing daylight lighting.

Discussing cool light lighting.

Discussing warm light lighting.

Kim's painting, we did a bunch with chairs in the scene.

As Mark Hayden says, "Camp Mary".
Put out primaries, mix secondaries. 
Then add white in the middle and wipe from center outward.

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