Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cape Ann Plein Air or CAPA, Oct. 10-16, 2016

This is the first annual event for CAPA.  These events have been held across the nation over the past 10 years or so and are becoming more and more popular as the plein air movement has also been gathering steam, I think, largly because of the efforts of Eric Rhoads and his various publications, mostly Plein Air Magazine.
In any event, I went to Manchester by the Sea on Wednesday to see the Quick Draw event.  I've been reading about these events for years and was thoroughly trilled to see it in person.  It was held in the morning from 10 to noon and then the artists brought their work to the Haskel House to be hung for awards and a reception in the evening.  I hadn't planned to attend the evening event, but as things went I was able to go and how different everything looked indoors and framed.
There were 40 artists invited from across the nation and another group of non-juried artists who participated in this event.  The awards for segregated into the two groups.
Today I went to the Major Exhibition of all the 40 juried artist's work at the Rockport Art Assoc.  I was not prepared for how wonderful it would be.  So many artists who have never been in the part of the country interpreted their impressions of places that have been painted before by so many artists over the past 100 years or more.  I don't know who won the people's choice award, but I'll post it when I find out.  Here are some photos I took of some of my favorites.  Colin Page was the juror who selected the 40, so his work most likely is not considered for a prize.
Jeff Weaver
Thomas Kitts

Chuck Marshall

Jeff Weaver

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Alan Bull
Colin Page

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