Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 9 Painting, cooking & winery, 9-17-14

I painted for an hour before breakfast then we had a lesson from the Nona on how to make two pastas, one was for ravioli and the other for stringelli.  She used many egg yokes in the ravioli pasta so it came out an ochre color and the regular pasta she put into the pasta machine to get a large flat sheet then rolled it over a contraption (pictured here) that had wires across it like the strings of a guitar, but lots more. This cut it into long strings. (When it was cooked it magically had a hole through the string.) Francisco made the stuffing for the ravioli of ricotta, spinach, nutmeg, then they portioned it onto squares and folded it to make hoods.  Then Carol and I went up town after and went to the local museum, then strolled around Montefalco and had a drink and a snack in the piazza. We returned in time to be off to the winery Bocale with the group. It was the type of wine tasting where they bring out many courses of food.  They grow marvelous tomatoes here-abouts and excellent olive oil. The bruschetta is from heaven! This winery makes totally organic red wines, three varieties of grapes, 2 wines, 1 dessert wine, and 1 grappa.  They make the best sagrantino in the region. So now that we've had breakfast, lunch, winery snacks and are waiting for dinner, I'm showering and writing this blog. My cold BTW is totally gone.
Regarding my painting, I finished the 11x14 I started a couple of days ago. I started it late, near sunset, didn't like the lighting effects. I liked the spot and saw it originally early in the morning on my walk but later in the day it had a different effect so going back early allowed me to redo it with a more pleasing color scheme.

View of our unit

Cooking Class

See contraption with wires?

Old Olive Tree

Inspiration for painting I painted

Hows the boss?

Bocale Winery, two types of grape turn differently in Autumn
My morning inspiration of scene I painted

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