Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 12, Sept. 3, Venice

Today was special for sure.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We took a bus to Fusina and a boat to Venice.  I walked a short while with Sandi, Diane and Joanne and veered off to find the place where I had lunch before on the food tour.  It was a little like a magical mystery tour, TO MY SURPISE, I found it!  I had spaghetti ragu (meat sauce) and added mushrooms. It was the second best meal I had so far on the trip--the first one being when I ate there on the food tour--spaghetti with fish sauce and fish. I met the owner and chef and told him how much I loved his food.  Due Colonne restaurant Venice.
Then I headed out to see a modern art museum--I found that too--but it was closed.  Then I headed over to the meeting place, but I was very early so I walked through S. Marco square and out along the walkways along the open sea down to where the cruise ships dock and back again.  By then it was time to meet the group and go for our walking tour.
I wasn't much in the mood for a walking tour as I was hot and tired.  It was in the 90's all the time I've been here.  We didn't like the tour lady very much but it was still interesting.  It ended by the gondola boats, and we all went on them.  I was not especially interested to go but I'm very glad I did as it was restful, cooler, and strangely peaceful and a beautiful view from sea-level. The trip seemed long but it was 1/2 hour long and we went down several and out to the Grand Canal in somewhat of a circular pattern. 
We then walked fast after that to make it to the Zattere boat stop and made it in time to enjoy yet another gelato today (2) :)
All went well on the trip back. There was a very interesting camping place where the boat and the bus meet. It was clean, modern, well laid out, had a restaurant, bar, grocery store, etc. and cabins. 
What a surprise when we had spaghetti with meat sauce (again today) for supper. OK by me!
After dinner we had one of those funny situations where something is said and it's funny then everything after that only makes it funnier and about 10 of us were laughing tears of laughter--what a good time we had.
Owner and head chef--fantastic food!
Their lobsters look just like ours.

Ragu with mushrooms added.
Fish market at Rialto bridge. 
Gondola with Margaret, Sandi, Joanne and Diane. 

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