Friday, September 2, 2016

Day 11, a painting day, Sept. 2nd

A Painting Day.
Or the day after the power went off......we had candle light dinner followed by early to bed, then the power was restored around 11.  I woke up then and didn't get back to sleep until maybe 5 or 6.  So it was a late morning for me, I wrote in my blog, took a bike ride to some nearby farms for the view. At 3:30 we did a portrait session of the wife-owner of this place.  I wiped mine and started over, then the light shifted a lot and we stopped, so I didn't get very far.  I might work on it from the photo, we'll see. Everyone is talking about the trip tomorrow to Venice.  I looked up the restaurant where I ate with my food tour people, and I'll try to eat there.  We are also looking ahead (not) to the travel home day when we have to get up at 3:00 am.  At the end of this photo set, I mixed up some photos from Day 12, the day in Venice, sorry.
Delivering some food for our supper from the farm store on site.
Portrait subject.
Sign at our agritourisimo. 
Debarking--arriving in Venice with the group. My days are mixed up, this should be day 12.
Photos of some pizza.  Who says they don't make good pizza!

The fish market area in Venice near Rialto Bridge. (Day 12)

I found it!  The fantastic restaurant I discovered while on the food tour.
I ordered spaghetti ragu.  I asked for extra mushrooms.  The big thing you see is one of the mushrooms.  I added the grated cheese.  It was awesomely delicious.  Believe it or not, I was yearning for a tomato sauce!!!!
This is the owner.  He was great.  
I ordered wine.  I wasn't sure about how it was printed on the menu.  There were two prices.  There was not much difference in the two prices so I got the more expensive one.  Never thought it would be this big.  Didn't even finish it.  Oh ya, my friends won't believe this.
Waves were kicking up along the docks at S. Marco Sq.
How's this for high sytle???  Hi Wendell. :)

Now I know that the most beautiful photos you see of Venice are taken while at water level on a gondola.
Sandi Beitsinger, please remember to send me yours, please. please.!

This is one of the stalls at a nearby town market day.
Approaching the nearby town market day.  Thank you to Margaret and Arwed for the ride.
There was a smoker and some BBQ stalls.
More groceries for supper.  This was the first time this agritourisimo has had American guests
and this girl did an excellent job of learning some Englsh.

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