Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day 6 Verona

Today's plan is to see Verona.  The bus left us off and we saw a beautiful church together, "The Basilica di Zeno Maggiore". Then we were on our own from 10:30 to 4:00.  There was some confusion because the icon of the church on the map was not the church we thought it was but we finally got straightened out--no wonder none of the street names were right. (In other words, everyone got lost.) When I got to the main attraction, the arena or Colosseum, I jumped on a small tour trolley and saw the town, then checked out the Colosseum, shopping area and returned to the bus stop in a nice shady park and had an aperitif. 
We are back to the agritourisimo at 6 and supper is at 7:30. 
Sandi brought Prosecco to our room and we had a little appetizer.  No time now for the pool. 
Beautiful church, the openings lead to the burial vault and there is a saint there in a lighted glass coffin.
View down the street towards the main square and the Colosseum. 
View from the Colosseum towards the city gate, old entrance to the city
and part of the wall that typically surrounds towns built at this time.

View from the trolley tour.
Sandi and X and I had lunch here.
The calm before the storm, (Before dinner.) Otherwise known as the cocktail hour.

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