Monday, September 19, 2016

Now I'm scared.

I'm trying to get my stuff together for the Kim English workshop that starts a week from today.  I'm packing up my pack, thinking about the weather and packing clothes.  I'm checking out various blogs of artists who have taken his workshops, and, well, that is why I'm scared.  It is going to be a grueling art boot camp.  OK, I'm going to get myself pumped up for this!  Mostly this workshop will be about painting the figure, but FAST!  One person said she painted 60 paintings the first day.  He does 3 to 5 minute poses, back to back, and you wipe off the first one and go for the second one, etc.
It's a good thing I told my message person that I might be calling her when this workshop is over!
I am really glad I booked a room in the area so I can crash each evening.
Here is an excellent video of Kim talking at the reception of one of his shows.

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