Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kim English workshop, day 1

Everyone arrived by the appointed time and were shown around.  The space which is a unit in an industrial park is excellent.  We are painting the clothed model all day.  We set up arranging ourselves in a big semicircle with the model against the wall.  Kim did a quick lesson on proportion and discussed his pallet, and talked about gesture.

As is usually the case, workshop leaders give you a list of what to bring and after you go to great lengths to find the surfaces and colors, they usually then say substitutions are fine.  Anyway he explained why he had his pallet arranged his way and how he mixed his colors and I liked it.  He tries to keep the mixtures of all his dark tones on the left side and lights on the right.  I've tried to do this before and it makes things easier to find.  We had the most amazing model, as good as those at the Art Students League.  We did 2-3 and five-minute poses and did 21 by lunch break.  We did slightly longer poses after lunch but not so many.  Some people in the group did very good work and photographed each pose so they could work on them later.  We were informed that tipping the model when you took photos was customary.  Kim circulated and made quick comments to everyone.  My plan was to wipe each one and reuse the same panel.  One pose was so tricky I took her photo to try it again. There were only 4 that I kept.  Kim had arranged the light in some spectacular ways to light the model in a dramatic way or for great shadows and colors.  We are able to work 24 hrs here and leave our stuff. 

Tomorrow will be more of the same and if we have good weather later in the week we'll do plein air. 

After class, I ate downtown Gloucester, baked cod, not very good, what a surprise.  Then to the grocery store for sandwiches and snacks for the week and found my Airbnb, a nice quiet home, great bed.  The weather has turned the corner from summer to fall.
Kim's palette

Not my paintings, Jude or Judith's?

Kim's painting.

Kim's painting.

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