Sunday, September 8, 2013

Italy 2013 Day 9

Arrived in Bologna around 10:30. The walking tour guide, a very nice Swedish guy who spoke English well, was on hand for our excursion.  He was an expert on this city and its history both politically and architecturally but we had "whisper ears" with ear plugs and there was difficulty with them, lots of static and he went too deeply into the details for my taste since we wanted to cover a lot of ground and this tour was moving too slowly so we left after about 1 hour.  We walked to the national art museum at the oldest university in Europe, the outdoor markets, the main streets with all those fabulous porticoes, the side streets and alleys with ancient buildings at every turn.  People-watching here could be the best in Italy.  Local shops with great meats, cheeses, oils, vinegars, pastas--everyone liked this city.  Left at 4:30, buffet supper, my favorite so far.  Tomorrow to Firenza to the ceramic museum.

Wonderful porticos, great colors everywhere, crazy interesting architecture.
Quaint place near the oldest University in Europe where we had a beverage.
Check the wall color.
Breads at the market.
Deli, oh to have this market near me!
Carol at yet another wine stop, near the main square, good people watching.
The shopper.

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