Saturday, September 14, 2013

Italy 2013 Day 13

Up early, another fantastic breakfast, paid the room bill which was a lot less then we remembered it would be, ($80 each per night). Got the water bus Laliguna to the airport, a really nice way to end our visit. I bought a bracelet at the airport for 17 Euro and previously purchased a very green olive oil and a cream balsamic so my entire expenditures for the trip came to 27 Euro. All went well at the airport, the baggage arriving with the rest of the painting group from el Brodo (Modigliani). Our planes were fine, one arriving early and the other late, got home close to midnight and talked my husband's ear off until 4:30 a.m.  When I  got up and weighed myself I had only gained 4 lbs.
Next year's trip is to Umbria and anyone wishing to join us, call me quickly as these spots go fast.  I'll gladly supply some details.

Venice Mask
Huge Murano Glass Chandelier in front of Stained Glass Window at Pasaro Palace (our hotel)
Breakfast room and afternoon cocktails
Breakfast food, crisp crust, cheesy whipped cream filling, sponge cake, yummy berries

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