Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 18 flying home, 9-26-14

Repacked to get down to the 50-lb limit on my carry on. Took shuttle to the terminal-luckily we got off at the right stop-a minor miracle-it's a huge airport-got checked in. The problem why I couldn't print early boarding passes is because my passport will expire within 6 months. We hung around the airport for ages before taking off a little late, but arrived on time. It's a long flight-8 1/4 hrs. We have had a very long vacation and it went remarkably smoothly. I don't want to jinx it before I land, but we have also had considerable good luck. We zipped through customs, Carols daughter, Tess, was waiting to pick us up and home we went. I phoned George when I got into my car and he sounded good and the cat is so happy there she won't want to come home. I stopped at the sub shop for a sub but they had made me a pizza instead, funny, ate some, watched some TV for an hour or so and went to bed around 2 a.m. Rome time. Now to acclimate to the time change-anyway I'll drive up to get George tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 27th 2014). 
Airport lunch of white wine, green beans with tomato

Airport sink, really nice, soap up hands on right, move left to water, move to dry. 

Nice design on sink at Rome airport hotel, big sink for small area.

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