Sunday, May 4, 2014

Annual Rockport Art Association Auction 2014

I love to attend these auctions and this one was no exception.  194 works of art were on the block.  Some incredible buys were had.  I didn't get there the day before or earlier in the day Saturday so I didn't get to preview these artworks. I don't have any room left in my house to put up paintings or I would probably have bid on a couple.  I didn't feel badly about not bidding though.  Sometimes when you leave and didn't bid you feel a sense of loss.  It is surprising that we ask, or buy paintings of current artists' work, for prices in the $500 range, yet we can purchase artworks of proven and time-honored master artists' work for that amount or less at these auctions.  Gloucester (NSAA) Auction coming up soon.  Northshore now has airconditioning! 

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