Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Portrait Show in September

I want to participate in the Newburyport Art Association Portrait Show coming up this September.  I didn't realize that I had to submit an artist statement by (new extended deadline date) April 4th.  Anyway, I thought I had plenty of time to ask someone if I could do their portrait.  I was at one of our favorite pubs with my husband and we were talking about this and who to ask.  My husband said, "Paint Mike".  He's the owner of that establishment and we have been going there for 33 years.  I thought it was a great idea too, but after we left I realized I hadn't asked Mike about it.  A couple of weeks go by, and I go in and ask him.  Well, he's laughing out loud, but guess what, someone asked him the day before!  Darn it.  I missed it by one day.  So after about a week, I decided to ask his niece, Michelle, who is a waitress there.  She is a beautiful blond with a wonderful smile and has been there forever it seems.  She hasn't agreed yet, but I sure hope she does.

p.s.  She didn't accept.

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