Sunday, October 20, 2013

MFA Sargent Show, more than I expected

My friend, Carol, maybe I'll paint this.

At Pitti Palace--I was there this September and took photos of this fountain.

I don't remember ever seeing this one before.  He loves to paint white.  Reminds me of Hibbard's whites.
So we had a great day in Boston Thursday.  We saw the Sargent show and the Hip Hop Chic 70's Show.  There were so many more Sargent paintings, both oil and water, than I expected to see and many I don't remember ever seeing before.  There was a video presentation as well with an artist doing a watercolor copy of one of his works to show the technique. 

Afterwards Carol and I had both a food fest and a wine fest!  p.s.  Also Margaritas!

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