Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daniel Keys Demo at Regis College

What a day, Sunday, June 23rd.  5 hours in a chair, watching and listening to Daniel and didn't get tired.  That alone is a great compliment.  I think it was the best demo I have ever attended.
While he did his demo, he was also having a DVD produced.  Since we had to be very quiet and not take photos during the proceedings, he is giving everyone in attendance a free DVD of his performance.
One of the most important aspects of his wonderful demo was what he had to say and how he said it.  This performance was in conjunction with a weekend of art events curated by Kristen Theis and offered by the The West Wind Gallery  which features many of the United States' best artists:  Richard Schmid, Clyde Aspevig, Nancy Guzik, Carol Guzman-Aspevig, Daniel J. Keys, Judy Stach, and Timothy R. Thies, with bronze sculpture by George Carlson and Douglas Reichwein.  The photo on the link to the gallery page is of "Mr." Richard's painting priced at $95,000 and was on display at the Gallery at Regis.
I had booked my seat months ago and was happy and surprised to see my friend, Liz Peck and husband Mason there.  They are going to Italy with me in a couple of months.  Also several members of the Band of Brushes painting group attended and were able to get tickets only the previous week!  I can't believe their luck. 
Here are some photos of Daniel, his setup, etc.
Lights, camera, action.

Daniel and Kristen

The setup

Liz Peck

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