Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Submitted 2 paintings to NAA's next show

I picked up two paintings Monday from Newburyport Art Association and brought two for the next show.  It is a juried show, so let's see what gets in!  I had one of those last-minute frame problems.  I couldn't get one on-line quick enough because of the holiday and didn't have enough molding left to make one.  The size I wanted, 9x12", isn't a popular size at any of the usual frame shops, but I found only one at Michael's and it was dark, so I painted the interior border to match the painting, and it came out really nice.  I saw this done recently at the Rockport Show.  I didn't take photos of either painting before delivering them, boy am I slipping.

One was a landscape, 8x10", of the pump on the common at West Newbury, MA.  It is actually the second of a series of three pump paintings I've been working on.  The other painting, 9x12" was done on a rainy day at Cox Reservation in Ipswich, MA.  It is completely en plein air, no touchup.

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