Monday, April 4, 2011

Love You Rose

Sorry, I can't fix it yet.
This painting was created for the Daily Paintworks challenges.  It was submitted to the Help Japan Challenge which will run for a week starting today and ending Monday, April 11th.  It is also listed under the 'A Valentine's Day Rose Challenge' and will remain there after April 11th.  For me the challenge was to try to stay somewhat loose and still have a realistic image of the rose on the very dark background.  I don't use black but like a crisp colorful dark made with dark transparent colors. 
Until I can download a photo to this blog (blogger is acting up today) you can see it on the challenge page referred to above.  It is 6"x8" original oil on canvas mounted on gatorboard.
The Help Japan Challenge site is easy to navigate and I do take Paypal by my email address.  I hope you like my work and if you would like to receive updates in your email inbox, there is a simple to use box here in the upper right corner of my blog.  I always want to hear from you with any questions or comments.  Thank you for viewing.

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