Monday, March 21, 2011

10-Minute Challenge - Apples

I love these challenges, and this is my first time participating in the DailyPaintworks challenges.  It was done in two days, 4 one day and 4 the next.  Each square is 3"x3".  It was a challenge to keep the paint clean so I had to change brushes a lot--no time to clean in-between.  What a challenge it was not to fiddle or go back and smooth something out.  I went out afterwards and bought spray paint because I wanted to do an endless supply of apples of all colors on different grounds.  Then, the other challenges started to spike my imagination.  I went out and purchased lots of cloth to use in my still life setups.  Now I need to plan my day to be sure to paint in the mornings before other things require my attention.  I didn't do this challenge to sell it so much as to go through the process.  I used to do 30-minute paintings each day as a warm-up exercise.  I would be interested in any comments, please.  I hope that the photo at least came out OK.

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