Monday, May 3, 2010

Santa Fe Trip

Lynn Murray, pictured here, and I just returned from three glorious days of gallery hopping in Santa Fe.  It was an amazing trip--we must have seen 1,000 paintings and about 100 galleries.

We each have a list of probably 50 artists we want to research on the web.  Because it was slow season (it snowed two days and we didn't dress for cold weather) gallery owners spent time with us talking about their artists.  We left no stone unturned--saw all the art sections of the city.  It was in the 70s-80s here in the Boston area, and out there it was cold and snowed two days.  Lynn is the perfect traveling companion, we both had a great time and are now anxious to get back to the easel with renewed inspiration.  We have lots of magazines, articles and books to read as well.

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