Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pam and Charles

I just came home with my 5 paintings that were in the Newburyport Art Association's recent exhibiiton by the New England Abstract Group. It was a very nice show, many of my friends were able to attend, and I thank them for going. In the adjacent gallery an artist by the name of Pamela Giarratana was having a one-woman show. Her work is very inspiring and her colors are gorgeous. She mentioned an artist by the name of Charles Sovek and I looked up his web page to see if I could take classes with him, but very unfortunately, he recently passed away. I'm so sorry I missed working with him. His web site is the most amazing one I've come across so far:

I'm all out of paper but heading to the store to get some so I can print out probably 100 pages of excellent information.

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