Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Number 8, Karen Rubino Model for People Painting People - The Merrimacians

We had another great model and got filmed for local TV last night.  Karen even brought snacks--wanted to keep us on our game, I guess.  Carol Trainer of Merrimac TV came and filmed for three hours and says that the edits might be done today cutting it down to 1/2 hour.

We had four painters last night, Fran Butsavich, Elaine Asplind Russell, Elizabeth Peck and myself.  Everyone did a totally fantastic job except me.  Check this out.

Can you imagine, you get the TV to watch you paint, and you don't do your best???  Oh well, there is no such thing anymore as bad advertising.  So they say.
Carol Trainer, Merrimac TV

Elaine with THAT CLOCK.  Now we know that all it needs if a "C" battery!

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